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Our office is conveniently located in downtown Ozark near the town’s historic courthouse and town square.


Our Areas of Practice

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Real Estate & Property

Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex real estate and property law landscape:

  • Real estate contract review
  • Clearing land titles 
  • Landlord/Property Manager and Title Company Representation

Land Development

      • Land survey reviews
      • Analysis of title reports
      • Planning and zoning applications, and more.

Estate Planning

Experienced attorneys, Harry Styron and Patricia Shilling can assist you in crafting an estate plan that best fits your needs.  This can include a Trust, Beneficiary Deed, Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Directive.  We are experienced in all aspects of the probate process.

Municipal Law

We represent local municipalities in many areas, including:

    • Ordinance preparation
    • Annexation, planning and zoning
    • Building codes
    • Disclosures of public records
    • Bond issues and elections
    • Asset acquisitions and disposition
    • Employment issues.


Buying or selling? We provide sound legal advice to businesses and individuals who are buying, selling, leasing or lending on residential and commercial real estate and businesses.

Business Law

Styron & Shilling attorneys provide legal counsel to insurance advisors, lenders, and CPAs. We can prepare contracts, including employment agreements, non-compete agreements, warranties, sales materials, etc.

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